Warm Up! Winter Home Accents

If you’re not lucky enough to live somewhere where it’s warm all year, you may run in to the same problem I have lately. Christmas and New Years are over, so we need to put decorations away, but it’s still FRIGID outside (especially here in Chicago!) and we still want our space to feel oh-so-cozy. Here’s some ideas I’ve found to help.

Aviary Photo_130647023024358339

Aviary Photo_130646999965923856

  • Blankets. Everywhere. Not only are they a good thing to have around when you or guests get a bit chilly, they are a super easy way to add a feeling of warmth and welcome to your space. A big basket of blankets next to the couch, one thrown over the end of your bed, or over the back of a chair, they invite someone to sit and stay a while.
  • Candles. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. What’s more warm and welcoming than literal flames and some good smells? Invest in some beautiful ones like mine from Anthropologie and they double as coffee table accents. Win win.

Aviary Photo_130647000511711110

Aviary Photo_130647000883437988

  • Extra lighting. A number of lamps rather than a few big lights add warmth easily. Multiple sources of soft light feel cozy and inviting. The other plus is that those energy-saving and eco-friendly LED bulbs come in traditional warm light now! (I found that out through this article on apartment therapy.)
  • Warm colors. Here’s the art teacher side of me. Warm colors are are…well,…warm. Most commonly, this means reds, yellows, oranges, and pinks, but it can definitely include creamy whites, rich, earthy browns, and fun stuff like gold and royal purple. Even modern design with its angles and blacks/greys at every turn still needs warmth if people are going to feel like they’re at home. The great thing about this is it can come into your design anywhere. Furniture, rugs, throw pillows, paint, and artwork are all places you can quickly warm up a space.

Aviary Photo_130647000219740291

Winter in your home can be beautiful without having to be a never-ending holiday. However, if you are one of those people who can’t stand to take those decorations down before February, more power to you.

How do you change your space in this time of year? I’d love to know!

Lydia Jane

In my living room:

Couch – Ikea (similar or similar)

Pillows – Canvas: HomeGoods, Red Kilim: antique market, red stripe: World Market (on sale!)

Candle – Anthropologie (my favorite smell!)

Tray – wedding gift

Chest – antique market

Blanket – handmade by my grandmother

Artwork – left painted by me, right from a tiny store called Climate here in Chicago (If you know the area, it’s in Lincoln Park)

One thought on “Warm Up! Winter Home Accents

  1. I’m glad you mentioned this about LED bulbs, because many people still confuse them with CFLs and/or don’t know that LEDs come in a variety of “color temperatures.” These are marked in degrees Kelvin on a light bulb box, and it’s a good idea to grasp the basics before you’re buying bulbs. 2700K is what people are used to from incandescent bulbs. That will give you the “warm” feel. 3000K is a little whiter, but still gives a nice warm (and brighter) feel. After that, color temperatures get very white and — at about 5000K and above — they feel cool and blue.

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