Budget Solution: Dining room table! (Part One)

In our small space, a dining table seemed almost impossible. Since we like to entertain and have people over for dinner, we needed more dining-style seating than our two bar stools and breakfast bar. If you’ve ever searched for a dining room table, you may have run into our situation – 4 seat tables feel too small, but 6 seat tables are made for large dining room areas (ours is more of a “right-in-the-middle-of-the-living-room” kind of deal) – neither were going to work in terms of design or seating capacity. Time to DIY!

The Problem:

No dining room tables the right size for the right price.

The Solution:

Building your own dining room table!

Aviary Photo_130652935461473990


We have accomplished part one, I picked some beautiful poplar wood from Home Depot for the table top (3 1″ x 10″ pieces). We got them cut there to our dimensions, and my husband used a pocket jig to drill holes along the bottom and screw the pieces together. We got the table “legs” from a friend in Michigan, they’re actually spindles for a staircase. We cut the bottom to the height we needed (this also gave it some more stability), but a 1″ x 4″ casing around the edges and braced the middle with another 1″ x 4″. Jabez is going to use wood glue this weekend on all the parts to get it super stable, and then the table will be done!

Aviary Photo_130652935196826625

Tips from our experience so far:

  • MEASURE A LOT. Make sure you’re thinking through every aspect and piece before you cut. We did need to take part of the legs section apart and re-cut a piece. The old saying rings true “Measure twice, cut once”.
  • Do research on wood types before you pick. I picked poplar because of its unique color and beautiful grain (love that middle piece!). I’ve been planning stain techniques and have already learned that because poplar is so smooth, I’m going to need to buy a pre-stain conditioner to prevent blotchy color when I stain it. I’ll fill you in on that in a later post!

Aviary Photo_130652935656725125

Coming up in future posts:

  • Building a Bench for your table
  • Staining your table
  • The Completion!

Stay tuned!!

Lydia Jane

In Jabez’ “Work Room”

Kreg K4 Pocket-Hole System – Home Depot

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