Super Quick Home Updates!

January can easily be blah blah blah, but it’s also a great opportunity for fresh starts and updates – especially to your space! I already have lots of ideas to change my space this upcoming year, but my budget doesn’t allow them all to be done by Valentine’s Day (maybe that will be more fun anyway). Here’s some quick updates that take a small amount of money and hardly any time!

Aviary Photo_130660109107999735

Aviary Photo_130660108746879225

DIY Coasters

I adore these coasters from Anthropologie, and maybe one day I’ll buy myself some; but I found these beautiful tiles at a thrift store in Michigan for only $5 for 3 of them! Put some rubber bumpers on the bottom to prevent scratching, and you’ve got unique coasters in about five minutes. If you’re in the Chicago area, I bet you can find some cool tiles for a great price at The Rebuilding Exchange (they salvage things from renovation sites and sell them at a huge discount).

Aviary Photo_130660110769189189

A Bit of Luxe Perfume Tray

I’m loving the “tray trend”, from West Elm’s butler trays to bar carts, they’re an easy way to make things look organized and keep items contained while they’re out in the open. This mirror I found at an antique fair adds a bit of glitz to my black dresser, and makes my perfume bottles and watches look more like decor. The other plus? You can use them pretty much anywhere in the house – coffee tables, dining room table, nightstands, etc.

Aviary Photo_130660112144940517

DIY Jewelry Holder

This is one of my favorite projects I’ve done. The tray is, again, from an antique place, and used to hold type-set letters for an old press. All I did was put nails in the openings and along the side, added some hooks on the back and hung it on the wall! I like mine just as it came (I did oil it a bit to get the natural color looking good) but they can also be painted.

Got some other ideas? Let me know how you do an easy update!

Lydia Jane

In my home:

Tile Coasters – You’re going to get the best deal at a thrift or reclaim shop, but Home Depot can be an option!

Mirror tray – Mine is from an antique fair, but apparently they’re also sold on Amazon!

Type drawer – having trouble finding one? Ebay or Etsy are good starts!

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