Budget Solution: Dining Room Part Two!

You might have seen my first post about this project where my husband built us a table, but we also have a bench to go with it now! A store near us called Rebuilding Exchange sells salvaged pieces from Chicago’s demolition sites, including beautiful old lumber pieces. We had someone there cut it to the size we needed and added “legs” made from pipes! So far I’ve sanded the edges of the wood piece and cleaned it a bit. Later I hope to sand it down a little more and coat it with some polyurethane to seal and protect it and bring out the already beautiful color. I’ll also be finding a stain to match the table to the bench, and I’m still on the hunt for a couple dining chairs to put on the other side of the table. Stay tuned!

Aviary Photo_130672875782062534

The fittings were screwed to the bottom of the bench.

Then the pipes were screwed into the fittings and an iron cap was screwed to the bottom. A piece of felt helps it not to scratch our wood floors.

Aviary Photo_130672864578625274

Cleaned and finished!

Aviary Photo_130672864901064555

Pro Tips

  • If you buy pipes from home depot, make sure they’re at a good height for your table. I got 18 inch ones, which means my actual seat is about 21 inches high after the fittings, cap, and width of the wood piece – this works for my slightly taller table.
  • Pre-cut and bought pipes like these may have buildup on the treads. Jabez had to use a pliers to get one leg screwed in tighter because it was longer than all the others!
  • If you buy the self-adhesive felt pads, a little super glue on the cap before the pad will help them stay on longer.

Still to come:

Staining the table

Chairs for the other side

Total cost for the entire project! (We are on a budget, here)

Share your DIY with me!

Lydia Jane

In Jabez’ “Workroom”:

DeWalt Cordless Drill – Home Depot

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