Small Spaces: Bathroom Organizing and Decor

In a rental, it can be challenging to make a bathroom feel the least bit welcoming. Make it a small bathroom without a lot of storage and you’ve got an even bigger challenge on your hands. I recently found an article from Elle Decor about how to make your bathroom feel luxurious. A few of the tips worked well in my small space! Here’s how I tackled my small bathroom to serve better in terms of organization and be presentable for visitors.

Aviary Photo_130672870011687706

  • Added storage. At first, I thought we’d just put some shelves above the towel bar by the toilet, but our bathroom is small and doesn’t get any natural light, so the shelves would end up being in the way and make the space feel even smaller. We do have a window in the bathroom, but it’s “view” is the brick wall of the building next to us (tight-spaces-Chicago). Luckily, we realized we had enough space on the windowsill to fit this shelving unit from Target. It fits perfectly in the window (we would have kept the blinds closed anyway) and provides open storage for our towels, extra toilet paper, and a few daily use items within reach but off the floor.

Aviary Photo_130672866195837695

  • White shower curtain. Keeping it light with this hookless shower curtain from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. It gives our bathroom a crisp and clean look and dries fast because of that mesh portion at the top. The best part? The lining is built in, but can be removed to wash or replace instead of getting a whole new curtain.
  • Decorative storage. We’ve covered our main storage issue, but adding a glass jar to stow q-tips and a basket on top of the toilet for tissues and extra soap can help guests locate what they need and help make the bathroom feel more complete.

Aviary Photo_130672866478957624

  • Rainfall shower head. If there’s anything that really steps up your bathroom, it’s this. We got this one on sale at Target and it makes so much difference. Luxurious indeed! (We’ll save the original shower head to put back on when we move out of the rental).

Aviary Photo_130672869697823532

  • Something soft. Every bathroom needs a soft floor mat or two, especially for the mornings when that tile is so cold! Ours is from Target and matches the towels we got for our wedding.

Aviary Photo_130672868878404070

  • Finishing touches. I personally think a room isn’t done until some art is on the walls. For the bathroom, you just want to make sure whatever you’re hanging is covered in glass to protect it from steam. Since our bathroom was mostly black and white up to this point, I decided to splash the walls with some color in the form of art.

How have you dressed up your bathroom? Rental or otherwise!

Lydia Jane

In my bathroom:

Wire shelf – Target

Hookless Shower Curtain – Bed, Bath & Beyond

Rainfall Shower Head – Target

Nate Berkus Bath Mat – Target

“Budapest” print – a gift, and “Feather” watercolors – made by me! (Frames from Michael’s)

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