Project Planning & Inspiration

Winter is getting to me. Lately all I dream about is warm weather, keeping my windows open, and finally being able to go outside and stain my dining room table! In Chicago, it might be a while before I can call a day “warm”, so in the meantime I’m planning some spring and summer projects that are much needed in my space. And finding inspiration for some DIY that will be coming in the future!

Aviary Photo_130695257920717028

Aviary Photo_130695258150827148

1. TV Console

Our TV “nook” is awesome because it can be storage and a great space for the TV, but our current tv stand just isn’t doing a great job and the nook is a couple inches shorter than most store-bought consoles (even at Ikea). My hope is to build something that will raise the TV up higher, provide some storage for party games and DVDs, and also have space behind it for some extra storage (if you live in a small space, you know you’re always getting creative with this requirement!) Here’s some of my inspiration:


2. Headboard/Nightstand

Aviary Photo_130695256208557579

Aviary Photo_130695256411926399

I love our bed and bedding, but things will just look much more pulled together with a dark wood headboard. The bigger problem currently, is that our nightstand is literally a storage bucket…super classy. Jabez and I are planning on making a headboard with a hidden shelf built into the top for phone charging and small objects or art. Then I’m on the hunt for a super-small nightstand for a lamp and maybe a couple books.



3. Kitchen High Table

Aviary Photo_130695256834909328

Aviary Photo_130695257716918050

Our kitchen thankfully has lots of cupboard space, but somehow we’re already using it all and have all this other stuff on the floor. We hope to add a table with some shelving to the side wall, and maybe even make it tall enough to fit the trash and recycle bins underneath it so they’re not the first thing you see when you walk in. I’m very excited for the organization this project will bring to our small apartment.

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How are you going to DIY your space when it’s warm? What have been your most successful projects? Share please!

Lydia Jane

Links to inspiration pics (in order of appearance)

Console 1Console 2Console 3

Headboard 1, Headboard 2, Headboard 3

Nighstand 1, Nightstand 2, Nightstand 3

Island 1, Island 2

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