The Simple Home Bar

If you’re an entertainer of any kind, you likely want, or wish you had, a bar area in your home. With the “bar cart” becoming a mega-popular home commodity lately, they’re easy to find for a decent price – even IKEA sells them. But if you’re dealing with a smaller space, you might not have much room for a piece of furniture that just serves one purpose. That’s what I ran into. My husband and I decided to use half of an Ikea bookshelf (the other half holds shoes in the closet) in our “dining room” to create storage for the books we do have, but also as an extra table turned into a bar area. The top shelf holds our collection of beer glasses, and the top section has become the bar.

Aviary Photo_130700433794720836

At first, I just had this cloth over the top of the shelf and attempted to arrange glassware, bottles, and decorative items within the space, but it just felt incomplete. The clear pieces weren’t being seen, and I was constantly worried about spilling on the cloth (handmade – a wedding gift to us). I decided I needed a tray. Jabez found this one on Amazon Warehouse (meaning it comes either opened or slightly damaged) – turns out all that it needed was some extra sharpie around the edges where the black paint had been nicked, and now it’s good as new! We can still show off the beautiful cloth, but now everything has a home and feels ready for entertaining. A simple fix! Now all we need is to hang some art on the wall above and this spot can be DONE.

Aviary Photo_130700447243515539

Aviary Photo_130700434441356493

What are some ways you’ve included a trend in your home without spending lots?

Lydia Jane

My Bar Accessories:

Tumblers – Anthropologie (wedding gift)

Quill Bottle Opener – Anthropologie (wedding gift)

Tray – Amazon Warehouse

Shaker – Amazon

“G” – Antique Store (old gas station letter)

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