Travel: London Bound!

After almost 5 months of marriage, Jabez and I are finally taking time off for our honeymoon in London!

Obviously, packing is on the front of my brain. We’re going to attempt to pack light, and leave room for souvenirs to take home. I was just blog perusing when I found this helpful article about packing light. I probably won’t have many items that will need to be steamed, but the tips for space saving, and planning outfits were very helpful for me! I planned out all the possible outfits I’d love to wear in London, and then I dwindled it down. As much as I’d love to be able to take 8 tops for 10 days, I want space in my luggage for whatever I purchase to take home more. I’ve always been an over-packer, so this exercise helped me a lot!

Aviary Photo_130721977034136664

What we’re actually putting this in:

We needed a new carry-on size/small checked bag, so we went to our local Timbuk2 store here in Chicago and purchased the Copilot. We haven’t even taken it anywhere and I already love it. It’s lightweight, but with a heftier shell so I’m not worried about things breaking, and it’s easy to maneuver without being a “spinner” – which I learned this weekend have their wheel size included in the overall dimensions of the suitcase, meaning every one you have is smaller than it says it is. (Bummer, right?). We’re actually checking this one bag between the two of us, then using our carry-ons (two large backpacks, one from Patagonia, one from Osprey) for the rest.

Aviary Photo_130721976743760825

My tips from this packing experience:

  • Like Meg said, planning your outfits really helps. It helps dwindle what you take originally, and gets you excited about what you’re going to wear. If possible, take outfits that are easily interchangeable (not hard for me, my entire closet is neutrals and blue).
  • If your practical walking shoes are bright purple and orange like me, invest in some of these Dr. Scholl insoles, you can take them out and switch them to whatever less-sensible-but-fits-your-outfit shoes you’re wearing for the day.
  • When you think you’ve got everything, go back and ask “what can I do without?”. This will free up some extra space you can use for souvenirs.
  • Take along a small amount of laundry detergent to wash things in the sink of your hotel room if necessary.
  • If you are going to repeat some outfits, bring accessories to make them feel like a different one. A light scarf of a different jacket is an easy update.
  • Plan for a couple types of souvenirs. If you know you’re bringing back something breakable, plan for how it will safely fit in your bag on the way home. Knowing ahead of time what sorts of things you like to find as souvenirs and then planning for them will reduce stress on the way back, and hopefully avoid breaks or spills all over your stuff.

Any other travel/packing tips? Share them please!

Lydia Jane

On My Trip:

Timbuk2 Copilot Roller

Patagonia Chacabuco 32L – purchased through Moosejaw

Osprey – Borrowed from a friend who got it at Moosejaw

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