Travel: London Favorites!

I’m still dreaming about this city.

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If you didn’t catch my posts about packing light for this trip, or staying on budget during the trip (both not as hard as I thought!) click the links and give them a read.

Now, it’s on to the really good stuff. My favorites from the trip! We certainly could explore even more, but that’s what makes a great trip – knowing you’re not finished with a city.

Here we go:

Borough Market

While one of the last things we did, it’s one of the top things you must do. Artisan vendors of cheese, cured meats, pastries, and all manner of other deliciousness are here, and have been for 1000 years.  Every vendor will let you sample their creations, and will talk your ear off about their craft if you ask the right questions. There’s plenty of small things to snack on while you’re there and a little restaurant called Maria’s where you can get a fabulous English Breakfast.

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Tip: Definitely go first thing in the morning, when it’s almost entirely locals and not as crowded.

London Walks Tour

We did one of these our very first night in London. Our guide took us along the Thames on a walking history tour, and we made stops in 3 different pubs. It was lengthy, but fascinating, and only cost 9 pounds. You don’t book ahead, so be prepared to possibly walk with only 10 people, or closer to 30.

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Tip: There are tons of different walks, so either pick a night to narrow it down, or a neighborhood you specifically want to see.


An old friend of Jabez’ lives in London and agreed to show us around here. Soho is a foodie’s dream. Wardour Street in particular has fantastic restaurants. This was a great area to amble around during an afternoon and eat or get some take away and eat in the Soho Square. The food was so good here we came back another day.

Aviary Photo_130738480079999767

Tip: The restaurants we loved: Snowflake – gelato, Princi – Italian ready-made and bakery delights, Bunny Chow – South African street food in a bread bowl!, Milroy’s – whiskey shop/bar

National Gallery

If you’re not an art nerd like me, this may not interest you as much, but the collection of paintings in this building is one of the world’s best. Mosey around in there on your own for a couple hours or take a guided tour, either way you’ll be seeing some amazing and important works of art.

Aviary Photo_130738457207600250

Tip: A weekday morning is best here, especially if you want some space while you drool over Monet and VanGogh works (no actual drooling allowed on the paintings, please)

Gordon’s Wine Bar

One of the city’s oldest, this underground hideout is super small, but has outdoor seating for nice weather as well. Along with wine, they serve amazing bread, cheeses, and other a la carte items. Its coziness also means it’s a great place to meet some people by sharing a table and maybe a bottle or two.

Aviary Photo_130738458674423156

Tip: Don’t be afraid to sit with new people. We joined a couple inside and ended up talking for over an hour!

The bottom line is, explore! Yeah, do the touristy things, especially if you’ve never been to London, but then give yourself time to just enjoy spaces, people, and food. Those are the things you’ll come home telling stories about.

Any of your London favorites that I missed? Share!

Lydia Jane

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