Spring Clean and Refresh

It’s that time of year! The days are longer! The weather is warmer! You finally open your windows to let sunshine in! It illuminates…all the stuff you forgot you’ve collected during your hibernation…oh and that kitchen is dirtier than you thought…

Somehow this happens to me every year, but with the motivation of Summer coming soon, I actually enjoy spring cleaning. Here’s some of what I’ve been doing and what I’m still planning on doing in the next few weeks.

Go Through Your Belongings

This sounds overwhelming, but take it one room at a time. I’ve gone through my clothing and my art supplies so far, and still need to go through the kitchen cupboards and fridge. Jabez will be going through his tech/computer stuff and his brewing items. We’ll be donating what we can (my surplus art supplies will just go to my classroom!) and trashing the unusable items. Having a freshly emptied home will feel great, especially in our small apartment.

Stuck? Have a relative or a friend help you tackle the job and be there as an accountability person to make you actually get rid of those jeans you haven’t worn in a year.

Deep Clean

I’m not talking about normal vacuuming and dusting, I mean take things out of drawers, take pillows to the laundry, wipe out the fridge kind of clean. The allergens of springtime are bad enough as is, so cleaning out the extra dust and dirt in your home will keep your breathing intact. If possible, use natural cleaning products, it’s just better. My favorite is anything from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day. For a super easy and use-anywhere vacuum, go with the Dyson Animal Slim – I LOVE mine. I vacuum all the time. Really.

Aviary Photo_130742705632815524

Stuck? Again, take this one room at a time. Make a list of what you want to accomplish on a Saturday morning, and that’s it – don’t overwhelm yourself!

Switch It Up

I’ve already been planning for some big summer projects, but I just saw this great article from Domaine about some small things you can do in less than an hour. You could even just rearrange a few of your pieces to make your space feel new. Adding plants is a great idea as well. I’m planning on getting a few soon!

Add a Rug

This is something I just did! Also mentioned on that list of quick updates, this is a bigger expense, but a huge impact for a room. I’d been searching for an area rug that fit our living room for months, and finally found this one from All Modern. Our living room is still a work in progress for sure, but the rug already pulls it together better. You could also try layering rugs to give a room even more texture.

Aviary Photo_130742708313338051

Aviary Photo_130742707885534792

Too expensive? Try switching out your old bath mat for a new one, or changing your shower curtain for a less expensive option that still makes a fresh change.

What are some ways you refresh your space this time of year?

Lydia Jane

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