Spring Clean and Refresh – Kitchen

Last week I posted about some tips for the ever daunting “Spring Clean” along with a few tips for refreshing your space after shaking off Winter. I was in the middle of doing some cleaning of my own while writing that post, and now I wanted to share my progress and a few more things I’ve learned.

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Our kitchen is wonderful because it has cupboards on cupboards on cupboards. In our cleaning and reorganizing, we realized that we hadn’t done a great job of truly utilizing all of the space we really had! Yes, we got rid of some kitchen items that we decided we didn’t use enough to keep, and I had to downsize my immense mug collection (difficult, but worth it), and now our kitchen feels HUGE. I had been trying to imagine how we were going to add a whole extra shelving unit for Jabez’ brewing gear and now we don’t even need it! That’s a good feeling. Check out the difference!


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Yes, there’s still some stuff in the window-sill, but our view from there is an alley/brick wall, so we’re not missing much. I’m just so happy to have things off the floor! I still want to add some sort of table to that space to hide the trash and recycle bins, but I’m already breathing easier from the extra space in the kitchen.

So what did I learn from this?

1. You have to make a mess first. Pull everything out of those cabinets, then reassess not only where things make sense to go, but which things you actually need to keep. Consolidate as much as you can without stuffing cabinets too full to access any of it. By combining some of our cupboards we were able to free up whole sections for non-kitchen storage.

2. Use up the hard to reach space in your cupboards. Many cabinets have some corner piece with a lot of space, but it’s in shadow and hard to get to. Use this to store things you don’t need very often, or the boxes for some of your small kitchen appliances.

3. Don’t give up. A big room with lots of items to go through and lots of space to reorganize is going to take you a while. Jabez was a huge help to keep us both on task and efficient. We worked as a team and in sections, making it like a few small reorganizations rather than one overwhelming one. If you live alone, have a friend or relative who’s ready to work come and help – it makes all the difference!

How’s your spring cleaning going?

Lydia Jane

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