Small Spaces: Windowsill Herb Garden

Excited to say that I’m growing some fresh herbs in my windowsill now! Say hello to my rosemary, oregano, and basil plants.

Aviary Photo_130751664384357458

I’m new to growing herbs, but I’ve been doing some basic research and I’ve luckily found that it is easier than it seems! The tips from this blog are very helpful, especially if you have an outdoor space to put potted plants (I don’t), but some basic research from the National Gardening Association is also greatย for looking up care for each individual herb. Here’s a few things I discovered about my three:

1. Basil

This plant will flower and those flowers need to be cut off. Basil needs regular moisture and doesn’t like the cold. It also loves the sunshine.

2. Rosemary

Rosemary doesn’t need to stay as warm as basil, but still loves the sunshine, and is a great option for a windowsill garden!

3. Oregano

Also a sun lover, oregano also needs soil with lots of nutrients. It tastes best right before the flowers bloom, and trimming is necessary for it to grow better.

Aviary Photo_130751664879302074

Along with my research, I purchased some good potting soil from Miracle-Gro that’s supposed to help protect against over or under-watering. Hopefully what that also means is that if I’m gone over a weekend, my plants won’t suffer because the soil will retain some of the water they need. I made sure I had terracotta pots and water catchers to allow for breathing room, and placed them in my brightest window.

Needless to say I can’t wait to put some of these in my dinner, but I also hope I learn a lot from caring for them!

Any other tips? Please share!

Lydia Jane

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