Project Planning: Media Console

Now that the dining room is finally complete, it’s time to start a new project! I recently went to the Randolph Street Market in Chicago and picked up a pair of mint painted metal drawers, which are now the inspiration for the media cabinet. Currently my husband and I use a small table, but it’s much too small for the nook space our TV sits in, and doesn’t offer any storage. Unfortunately, the width of the space is 46 inches – most store bought console tables start at 48 inches. Making our own will be a challenge, but we will be able to have it fit all of our needs.

Here’s the space now:

Aviary Photo_130779364527098971

Messy! It’s quickly becoming a catch-all for items we don’t know where to store, and with the small TV stand, every ugly box is visible. (Yes, that poster is the one from FRIENDS)

Here’s some of my original inspiration:



Here’s the plan:

Aviary Photo_130779365227519775

Open and Hidden Storage

The unit itself will have the two drawers I bought as storage for DVDs, games, remotes, controllers, etc. Basically anything with a cord that’s not as “pretty” but is needed during entertainment. It will also have two large openings for open storage. This will be for larger games, decorative items like my birdcage (which also holds card games), and our big speaker.

Aviary Photo_130779364101084542

Behind Unit Storage

The nook space is deep enough to be able to build a unit with room to spare in the back. The unit will be a bit taller, to hide some of the items being stored behind it while also subtly elongating the space.

Easy Access

With the plan of storage behind the unit, we are going to put the whole thing on lockable wheels. That way we can reach a box or the suitcase without fear of toppling the TV or having to haul everything out.

I’m eager to get this project going! Luckily, a Lowe’s is opening up walking distance from my apartment. Updates to come.

Have a similar DIY story? Or just some helpful tips? Share!

Lydia Jane

Image #1

Image #2

*All other images taken by me

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