4th of July DIYs You’ll Actually Do

The 4th is one of my favorite holidays. This might have something to do with my birthday being on the 2nd, but mostly because it’s summer and the 4th usually involves cookouts, which I love more than any other kind of dinner party, and sometimes campfires, which I love most out of all summer activities.

This holiday tends to sneak up on me, which means any 4th of July decorating or food prep I do can get a bit hasty. The relaxed nature of the 4th also contributes to my lack of ready-to-go red, white and blue anything. Lately though, I’ve been inspired by some easy DIYs, both edible and non. Read on for what I’ve found and what I’m doing.

  • Watercolor Star Garland (Full tutorial here!) Garlands are fun and so easy to make for any sort of occasion. Plus, they can easily stow away to be used again in further years.

Aviary Photo_130797374682585348

  • Sparklers – This one is so simple I almost didn’t include it in the list, but it’s really not the 4th without at least a little spark. Get the super fancy sparklers or just stash some simple ones in vases on the deck for sunset! If you have lots of time on your hands, you can decorate the holders for added decor.

Aviary Photo_130797437037368640

  • Festive Ice Cubes – one of the easiest ways to spruce up entertaining for the 4th. Use a star shape ice cube tray with just water or fill any ice cube tray with berries. Get the star tray here.


  • Patriotic Fruit Salad – I’m definitely in favor of “decor” that’s edible. Put it in a bowl or kebab it with brownies/marshmallows. Yum!



  • Fruit infused drinks – either virgin or non, adding fruit to a beverage gives fresh flavor and a snack to your guests!


  • Folded Stars – These can be used in a gazillion ways, including the garland at the top! For ease, you probably need to print out a star template for this one, but then use whatever scrapbook paper you like best! Tutorial found here. My middle school art students made some of these to decorate gift bags earlier this year!


I’ve got the garland and sparklers taken care of so far (early for me!), and I’ll probably be doing something along the lines of those fruit and brownie skewers…

What are some things you’ve done to get ready for the 4th of July?

Lydia Jane

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Image sources:

Garland & Sparklers (my own)

Festive ice cubes

Fruit Salad

Fruit kebabs

Fruit Infused Drinks

Folded Stars

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