DIY: 4th of July Star Garland

I don’t need a lot of extra fluff for holidays in terms of decor, but every now and then I get an itch to make my space a little more festive. As promised, here’s the full tutorial to my super quick 4th of July DIY that is inexpensive but beautiful!

Aviary Photo_130797374355918144

Here’s how:

  • Paint your papers. Use sturdy watercolor paper for best results. Play around with textures too, I used a paper towel on the wet surface of the blue to get those blotchy marks, I used very little water with the red to get a dry brush technique, and I did in fact paint white onto the other paper, just to get a little bit of texture in the light when it’s hung up.

Aviary Photo_130797373515807692

  • Draw stars. After the papers are dry, draw stars on the back in varying sizes. You can use a template if you want, but I enjoy my slightly skewed stars as well. Cut out each one carefully.

Aviary Photo_130797373696581330

  • Make a hole and string. Use a scissors, an X-Acto blade, or a hole-punch to make a small hole in the top of each star. Then slide the stars onto string or thread. I used a little bit of tape on the back of each star to keep them from all sliding to the middle when hung up and avoid tangles when I store it for next year.
  • Hang! On a wall, in front of the windows, wherever! Mine is temporarily on the wall – I’ll be bringing it to a cabin in Michigan for the actual holiday!

Aviary Photo_130797374038561110

Proud of any of your 4th DIYs? Share!

Lydia Jane

My supplies:

Strathmore Watercolor Paper

Reeves Watercolors

Cotman Watercolor Paintbrush

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