Taste of Chicago Snapshots

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Chicago is known for its food for a good reason. The sheer amount of both high-quality options and authentic options around here is awesome, and what better way to sample everything than spending a lunch break at Taste of Chicago!

Aviary Photo_130808600953355061

This is my first summer living in Chicago, and I get the feeling that there are many Chicagoans who think Taste of Chicago is only filled with tourists and therefore not worth their time. They have a point, about the tourists at least, and if you live in Chicago, all of these places are accessible to you on a regular basis. However, I would still say it’s worth it to brave the crowds, because having all of that deliciousness in one place is a great way to spend a Wednesday lunch break or to take friends from out of town to. Here’s a few things I ate!

Billy Goat Tavern 


Cheezborger. Enough said.

Vee Vee’s 

Jollof with Goat Meat

This was my first African Jollof experience, but my husband is a sucker for it. It’s a spiced rice stew with meat, and it looked simple, but tasted incredible.

The Fudge Pot


Fudge and a chocolate covered Oreo, what else do you need to know?

Beavers Coffee and Donuts


S’mores mini donuts

Beaver’s is a food truck and is yet another wonderful place in Chicago to get your doughnut fix. Hot doughnuts with toppings put on as you order.

Braving the crowds yourself? What’s a must-eat?

Taste of Chicago is happening now through July 12, but stay tuned for more Chicago specific travel posts!

Lydia Jane

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