#SeeSummerBetter with Warby Parker!

I’ve been wearing glasses and contacts since I was in fifth grade AND I need sunglasses pretty much year round (sensitivity to light and all), so when I got the chance to tell you all about how much I love Warby Parker – I jumped at it!

This summer has been relaxing, which is exactly what I needed. I’ve put together some of my highlights, along with the “sunnies” from Warby Parker that I think would top off each activity! Trust me, there are a lot of good ones to choose from.

I’ve been enjoying summer in the city! Eating tacos outside and walking around on sunny days definitely makes some shades necessary.

Aviary Photo_130819800256650670

Aviary Photo_130819801137486471

My pick for this summer activity: Preston in Blue Marblewood – casual, go anywhere style – and not too dark, perfect for unexpected shade.

Preston Blue Marblewood

I’ve been camping! In tents and a cabin for the 4th of July. Soaking up the sun on the river was one of the best things I did all summer. Road trips call for some awesomely cool sunglasses and great music.

Aviary Photo_130833703749170078

My pick for this summer activity: Kincaid in Reisling: part of the new Circuit Collection, inspired by smooth curves of Grand Prix courses. These just beg to go on a road trip.


I’ve been at festivals! Chicago is known for its festivals in the summer, which means yummy food and some go-anywhere sunglasses.

Aviary Photo_130808600953355061

My pick for this summer activity: Percey in Striped Sassafras – trendy and relaxed, a perfect balance

Percey Striped Sassafrass

I’ve been going to the games! Chicago Fire (MLS) in particular. Don’t think I just show up at halftime either. My husband and I are professional tailgaters now, and those hot afternoons in a huge parking lot mean sunglasses are always on.

Aviary Photo_130833710907748837

My pick for this summer activity: Madison in Rum Cherry – easy, comfortable, and will stay on in the biggest celebrations.

Madison Rum Cherry

If you’re still like “Warby what-now?”, let me explain.

Warby Parker is a company that designs and creates beautiful high quality eye wear and sunglasses. The key difference? They’re affordable! Their mission is to provide high quality glasses and sunglasses to everyone. That includes people with limited access to vision health resources. Every month, Warby Parker makes a donation to organizations like VisionSpring, which not only brings glasses to people in need, but also has programs that train people to do basic eye exams and write lens prescriptions. Things like that make my heart happy.

I also decided to have some fun with the free try-at-home program. No more buying online worries! Here’s the ones I had sent to me for a try-on session.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Ormsby in English Oak

Ormsby English Oak

Aviary Photo_130838181758756006

Aviary Photo_130838181951433791

Aviary Photo_130838181073481791

Everett in Midnight Blue

Everett Midnight Blue

Aviary Photo_130838186050183133

Aviary Photo_130838224924376245

Aviary Photo_130838186467232780

Madison in Rum Cherry

Madison Rum Cherry

Aviary Photo_130838185291674175

Aviary Photo_130838184296296590

Aviary Photo_130838185757616363

Piper in Woodland Tortoise

Piper Woodland Tortoise

Aviary Photo_130838182290874537

Aviary Photo_130838182773426954

Aviary Photo_130838183655982417

My all time faves? These babies: Jennings in Whiskey Tortoise

Jennings Whiskey Tortoise

Aviary Photo_130838188851416869

Aviary Photo_130838189812407896

Aviary Photo_130838190184830759

How have you been spending summer? Which Warby Parker shades are your favorite? Tag your Instagram photos with #SeeSummerBetter and #ArtfulAttempt so I can see and comment below!

Lydia Jane

Be sure to check out Warby Parker and #SeeSummerBetter

Product photos courtesy of Warby Parker

One thought on “#SeeSummerBetter with Warby Parker!

  1. I love Warby Parker and have used them exclusively for the past several prescription orders. I’m always surprised when someone talks about them since it seems so few of my friends have ever heard of them.
    Great sunglasses.


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