DIY: Cozy Wedding Centerpieces

Whether you have ten tables or thirty, centerpieces for a wedding are necessary. They make a table inviting, which can encourage conversation among guests. They also are an easy way to bring your color scheme to your venue. However, centerpieces (especially with a lot of tables) aren’t something you want to spend a lot of money on, because most likely you (or your relatives) aren’t going to want to store hundreds of vases in their attic after the day is over. Here’s how I created centerpieces for my November wedding without spending too much.

My color scheme: ivory, navy, gold, and brown

General rules for centerpieces:

  • Don’t make them too big – people need to be able to see each other at the table and they need to be able to see you!
  • Think about the vibe you want at the table. November can get quite chilly in Michigan, so I wanted a cozy and warm atmosphere at the tables. Candles bring literal warmth to a table and that cozy feeling instantly. An outdoor reception in the summer might not need this extra warmth.
  • Don’t be afraid to switch things up. Who said each table has to be exactly the same?

What I did:

I knew I needed to add gold in the centerpieces, because it wasn’t in the suits, dresses, or flowers. I also wanted the full color scheme on each table. Instead of buying gold vases, I went to various thrift stores around the area and gathered vases and candle holders of varying sizes, but all relating to each other in design. I used bowls too, and filled them with coffee beans so candles could rest in them and I’d have more brown. I spray painted half of my collection white and half gold. For this, I recommend Rust-Oleum Universal Spray Paint. I did leave some vases clear, and I only spray painted the outside of each piece to save paint.

Aviary Photo_130820056165659120

I bought candles at thrift stores as well, when I could find them. I also borrowed some from a relative. Any extras I needed I found at Michael’s and bought with coupons.

I painted all the table numbers myself on note cards from Paper Source. The holders for the table numbers were made by one of our groomsmen with wire and blocks of wood that he burnt with a heat gun.

Once I had all the pieces complete, the difficult part was putting everything together. My venue for the reception was going to organize everything on the day of the wedding, but I needed to create some examples for them to follow. The same day my aunt helped us all put the bouquets together, we did some test arrangements. I took photos of ones I thought looked good, and printed them for the venue to use as a guide. For the head table, the flowers my bridesmaids used during the wedding and my bouquet became part of the centerpieces when we arrived at the reception.

I think they turned out wonderfully!




Above three photos courtesy of Emily-Waid Photography

The best part? I spent under $300 for all of it – and I had to decorate thirty tables!

Have a wedding DIY to share? Comment!

Lydia Jane

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From this post:

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