DIY: Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations get expensive quickly, but they don’t have to! It’s so easy to design and print your own, and also easy to spruce up a plain invitation. Here’s what I did for my November wedding last year. Hope it gives you some ideas!


To design the invite, I wrote out our names multiple times. Once I was satisfied with the look of the front, I took a high resolution digital picture of it and used Microsoft Word to align two per page (landscape) so that they could be printed and cut at home to save money. For the back I just used a font I downloaded and again made sure two could fit on one landscape view page. All the invites were printed two sided and then cut.

The RSVP cards were made similarly, but I fit four on a page (landscape again) and the image and text were together in the space rather than just type or just image. These were printed single sided.

Aviary Photo_130353990932989155

Painting and penning:

After all the invites and RSVPs were printed, I used blue watercolor to add some fun to the front. To get the gradual color, I painted the circle then dabbed the middle section with a paper towel to soak up some of the pigment. When they were dry, I used a gold pen to go over the names and the “rsvp” on each invite. This took some diligence and I went through about 3 of those gold pens, but I love the result!



(Above photo courtesy of Emily-Waid Photography)

Lining envelopes and filling:

My aunt found this striped scrapbook paper at Michael’s that went well with our color scheme and graciously cut and adhered them to the inside of the envelopes with scrapbook adhesive tabs. This was the final touch for my invite set! The RSVP envelopes were printed with the address on to save writing time, and I used a return address stamp on the big envelopes.



(Above photos courtesy of Emily-Waid Photography)


  • The most difficult part of this whole thing is getting everything aligned in Word to print correctly. If you’re not familiar with doing more than a term paper, have a friend who is help you out.
  • Cut neatly – if you don’t have a rotary cutter, odds are someone you know scrapbooks and has one. Borrow it. If they’re really nice, they might help you cut them!
  • Start ahead of time and work on them little by little. I had a large guest list and ended up painting and penning 200 invitations. Do chunks of twenty or thirty at a time so you don’t go insane.
  • Have fun with it! One thing I love about making my own invitations is that each one is a little different. As my husband and I were putting together our invites and addressing them, we knew each one was specifically made to tell people we really cared about them and wanted them to share in our day.

Lydia Jane

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For Invitations:



Gold pen


Scrapbook paper

Adhesive photo corners

Return address stamp

2 thoughts on “DIY: Wedding Invitations

  1. These are beautiful, Lydia! So artistic yet personal. I made our wedding invitations too. I think it was almost like a little keepsake for our guests before the wedding, so even though it was a labor some process, it was definitely worth it!

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