DIY: Fall/Winter Wreath

You may have seen this wreath in my latest post about decorating for Fall in minimal ways, but I wanted to share the full process here because I had never made a wreath before and was surprised at just how simple it is!

What you need:

  • Wreath frame
  • Dried plants
  • Any collected natural additions (I pulled vines from the backyard)
  • A few extra neutral twist-ties (there were a few holding the dried greens together, so I just used those!)
  • Scissors

Aviary Photo_130892201591988009

What you do:

First, you need a pretty big space to spread all your items out. Clear off your dining room table or work on the floor if you have to, having the space is so helpful.

Trim off excess leaves, branches, or parts that just aren’t falling in a way you like.

Begin intertwining the vines or whatever your longest pieces are through the ring, attaching where you feel the piece could slip or where it needs help staying in a circular form.

Aviary Photo_130892201850399056

Continue to add layers of pieces, switching materials now and then to create a good balance of textures and colors.

Make sure all the ties are hidden, attach a string to the top to hang, and you’re done!

Aviary Photo_130892201368715886


  • Try to always point greens/twigs in the same direction to get that flowing effect
  • There are lots of different kinds of wreath wrings. I chose this one because I could add lots to it and it came with tie wires already so I didn’t have to buy extra or glue anything
  • Eventually your wreath will be thick enough to use the existing pieces that are tied down to hold smaller elements, so don’t worry about running out of ties
  • Dried greenery at craft stores gets expensive quickly! Go for fuller items that will have more substance, and use as much found material as you can. I bought 3 bunches of dried greens from Michael’s, but collected all my vines from my backyard to add some extra volume.

Aviary Photo_130892201169420680

This project took about an hour and a half and cost about $34 – not bad considering a wreath at the store with a similar design already made was starting around $40!

Have you made wreaths with natural elements? How’d it go? Share please!

Lydia Jane

Materials for this wreath:

Wreath frame

Greens from Michael’s (Varied selection depending on store)

Kitchen scissors

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