10 Wedding Registry Items I Didn’t Regret

If you’re currently making your wedding registry, congratulations! If you’re just wanting to know what kinds of things to invest in rather than buy and throw out within a year, then congratulations as well! I hope this is helpful to you. After almost a year of marriage, here’s what has been used, yet is still good as new.

For the kitchen:

1. KitchenAid Mixer

Aviary Photo_130910805067233578

They’re worth the money. This baby will be with me for another ten years easily.

2. Stainless steel mixing bowls

Aviary Photo_130910805709369695

I can’t get enough of these. We use ours literally every day. They’re light, stackable, and incredibly easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher

3. Pyrex storage

There’s a reason they’ve been around forever. They clean up well, they store easily, and they’re long-lasting. Your choice if you want the vintage style or simple glass.

4. Food canisters

Aviary Photo_130910805532747423

Just make sure they actually seal fully. Many canisters are more decorative than functional. We use OXO for spices, sugar, and flour, and our collection keeps growing because they work so well!

5. Sharp knives and a knife sharpener

In this department, you sort of get what you pay for. Wusthof Classic is always good, or check with a local restaurant supplier for their top picks. A sharpening stone or the handled sharpener are good to have around as well, to keep your knives working their best.

For the home:

6. A good vacuum

I love my cordless Dyson. It’s built to last and you can register it for a warranty if something does go wrong.

7. Pillows

Aviary Photo_130832858331684278

There’s nothing more annoying than a pillow that only keeps its shape for a month or two. These can get pricey, like the memory foam specialty ones, but a little extra cash will make it last much longer.

8. Sturdy dishes

Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

My Dansk Fjord have zero chips, even with my clumsy self. I did break a bowl, but it dropped about five feet. Dishwasher safe too!

9. Upgraded Shower Head

Aviary Photo_130910805168248045

No matter if you’re renting or owning, this is a small upgrade that makes a big difference.

10. Candles

Aviary Photo_130883688680400207

You’ll always want them. Really.

What sorts of things have lasted further than their worth in your home?

Lydia Jane

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