Travel: A Fall Weekend In Ann Arbor, MI

I recently got to visit a friend of mine who is in grad school at the University of Michigan. Since I’ve never had the chance to explore Ann Arbor before, I had her show me around and bring me to some of her favorite spots. Here’s where the weekend took us!

Friday evening

We stopped at Arbor Brewing Company and tried literally all of their beers!

Aviary Photo_130916815782805908

Aviary Photo_130916798349598214

Arbor Brewing has a few standard beers that they distribute, but I was pretty impressed with some on their list that aren’t mass produced. Plus, our server was awesome. Definitely recommend this place!

Saturday morning

A visit to the nearby Kerrytown (right on the edge of Ann Arbor) to visit the farmers’ market and try some shops.

Aviary Photo_130916801307845052

Aviary Photo_130916797663247009

One of my favorite places we stopped in was a store called Found – their Christmas decor made me giddy, and everywhere you looked was another inspirational decorating idea! The prices were great too, especially since many of their items are handmade!

Aviary Photo_130916798909130784

Aviary Photo_130916799092059134

Aviary Photo_130916802438924762

Aviary Photo_130916800054240420

Another store I loved is called Hollander’s – they sell paper goods and art supplies. I treated myself to a couple of specialty wrapping papers that I’ll actually be using as posters, and stocked up on some brown craft paper! (Post on what I do with that coming soon!)

Aviary Photo_130916825528367762

Aviary Photo_130916821968046121

Saturday afternoon/evening

It’s no secret that Ann Arbor is unified by the University of Michigan, so it’s only right that when you’re there you go to The Big House for a game. On your way to the stadium, you can stop at Biercamp for a pint and some chili! This was especially nice on this blustery November day!

Aviary Photo_130916797814628046

Aviary Photo_130916797350307093

Aviary Photo_130916824072934905

Yeah, it was pretty awesome.

Sunday morning/afternoon

We enjoyed the beautiful weather by exploring a bit of campus and trying out a fantastic coffee shop, Mighty Good Coffee.

Aviary Photo_130916801524915128

Aviary Photo_130916802141212462

Aviary Photo_130916801806625266

Aviary Photo_130916797089507068

What you’re looking at is one incredible chocolate chip cookie alongside a brown sugar sea salt latte – so delicious! Mighty Good roasts their own coffee beans as well, you can buy them in one of their cafes or online.

One last simple (and free) activity to do in Ann Arbor is to walk around the campus of the University of Michigan. Some of the architecture will make you think you’re in Europe. Maybe it’s just the teacher in me, but I also get a kick out of seeing people learning and bettering themselves. For example, the other half of this gorgeous reading room was FULL of students and it made me want to read more than anything else!

Aviary Photo_130916796625249775

Aviary Photo_130916797494652121

Aviary Photo_130916796872333710

Been to Ann Arbor and have another suggestion? Share!

Lydia Jane


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