Holiday Gifts Without the Guilt – and a GIVEAWAY!

I love the holiday season, and I really enjoy planning gifts for my close friends and family. I love finding something I know they’ll love to open on Christmas.  I want to get something unique, something that they would love but wouldn’t think to buy for themselves. Box stores can get too overwhelming! That is why I am so excited about this post! I got a chance to work with the Greenheart Shop in Lincoln Park, Chicago and I jumped at it. Their entire store is beautiful and everything in it is one of three things: fairly traded, eco-friendly, or ethically made. Let me show you around!

Aviary Photo_130910859304359082

Aviary Photo_130910859454534216

Their jewelry section is extensive – you can find something for anybody! Some pieces, like the gold earrings above are made in Kenya and India from recycled metals. Others are made of seeds from South America. Every piece has a story and is handmade!

Aviary Photo_130910859949379978

Aviary Photo_130910860202523918

These home decor pieces are from a collection called Nkuku. Each piece is handmade in India, then fair traded to England (where Nkuku is based), and then they come to Greenheart.

Aviary Photo_130910860359529012

Aviary Photo_130910860724988943

These wooden wall hangings and postcards come from Timbergram. Based in the UK, Timbergram uses wood sustainably grown in Eastern Europe for their projects and donates 10% of their sales to TreeAid – an African organization that teaches people how to use trees to their advantage for growing their crops. You can read more about that here.

Aviary Photo_130910861570673529

Aviary Photo_130910862028180023

Aviary Photo_130910862211978377

Hand in Hand is a US company. All of their products are made of natural ingredients and anything they import to make the products are also natural and fair trade. For every bar of soap sold, Hand in Hand donates a clean water well and soap to communities around the world.

Aviary Photo_130910863952104248

One of my favorites in the store, this sweatshirt and hat come from Krochet Kids International. Each piece is handmade by women in Uganda or Peru and is signed by the person who made it for you. Krochet Kids empowers women by giving them a way to make an income. Side note – this sweatshirt is easily the softest I have EVER felt.

Lastly, I want to talk to you about SobreMesa – the wholesale supplier for Greenheart Shop that has makers in Guatemala and Tunisia. This is also the brand I chose for the giveaway!

SobreMesa has absolutely beautiful pieces for your table! Plates, cutting boards, bowls, serving utensils, napkins, and dish towels. Every piece is handcrafted and sustainable. I highly recommend taking a browse through their catalog, but let me just tell you a bit about what you could win!

Aviary Photo_130910862462655520

You’ll be entering to win this wooden tasting spoon and two SobreMesa dish towels (color options below) – valued at $50! The dish towels are made by four brothers from the El Tun artisan collective from Antigua, Guatemala. They are 100% cotton and made with a foot-powered loom.

The spoon is made in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala by a group of “cuchareros” or spoon-makers. The pieces are carved first with machetes, and smoothed with beeswax to enhance the colors. This spoon would be great for stirring or tasting hot soup!

Aviary Photo_130910862934961110

Aviary Photo_130910863221976858

(Choose from light blue, sage green, burnt orange, or grey)



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  2. Repost one of the giveaway pictures on your Instagram with the hashtags: #artfulattemptgiveaway and #greenheartshop. (You can screenshot or use a Repost app)
  3. Cross your fingers!


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Deadline to enter is Wednesday, November 25 by midnight (CT), and winners will be announced Saturday, November 28 via Instagram AND on Artful Attempt. You may enter once per day (that’s a possible 5 entries!) Once notified, you will have 24 hours to email with your address and color choice.

Good luck!

Lydia Jane

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