Travel: Boston Breweries!

One of our favorite things my husband and I like to do when we explore a new city is check out the micro-breweries. He brews his own beer, so he gets really in to the system of how it’s made and the different types, etc. I like to taste alongside and listen to him explain all the complexities of each one. I’m slowly but surely learning the intricate balance of brewing beer, and it helps that we’ve visited breweries in Chicago, Michigan, London, and now Boston. Each place has its own style and it’s always fun to see the somewhat crazy (TASTY) mixtures people have made.

If I say “Boston brewery” you probably automatically think of Samuel Adams, right? Well, while I do enjoy many of Sam Adam’s beer, there are some other really great (albeit smaller) breweries in Boston that I’d recommend you checking out. Here’s where my husband and I headed on our “brewery tour” of Boston.

Trillium Brewing Company

The only caveat to Trillium is that you can’t do any tasting in their space. It’s a more of a take-out space for beer. But that is it’s ONLY caveat. The beer here is amazing. It opened in 2013 and is already making a big impact on the beer community. My husband and I found out about it through a reddit forum! Small batch taste with commercial quality. Definitely a must if you’re a beer fan.

Favorite beer: Broken Angel – Belgian strong ale

His fave: Summer Street – American IPA




Cambridge Brewing Company

Cambridge Brewing has been around for a while, and they have a lot of your standard styles of beer. Those are fine, but the specialty drafts are what you’re going to really enjoy.

Favorite beer: De Garde – Belgian style with toasted flavors and coffee

His fave: YouEnjoyMyStout – hearty stout!



Harpoon Brewery

One of the biggest commercial breweries in Boston besides Samuel Adams, Harpoon has a strong collection of beer to try out. Take a tour or just hang out in the tasting room. The pretzels are great too, just saying.

Favorite beer: Winter Warmer – seasonal Christmas beer – spicy and rich

His fave: UFO series




Night Shift Brewing

My favorite of the four we visited (by a long shot) is Night Shift Brewing. Their beer is unique and makes you excited to try more styles. We tried 11 beers and only “disliked” (too strong of a word) one. Plus, the space itself has a great atmosphere, and there are board games at every table! If you’re hungry, you can order in food from a list of local joints. We recommend trying all of the beers…If/when they distribute to Chicago, this will be a staple in the fridge.

Favorite beer(s): Maracuya – Ale brewed with passionfruit and Falling Apple – it tastes like apple pie

His fave(s): The 87 – Double IPA and Whirlpool – American Pale Ale

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There are a ton of breweries in Boston and in the surrounding area, and we couldn’t make it to all of them, but we’ll be visiting again sometime! Any advice on which one(s) are a must? Share!

Lydia Jane


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6 thoughts on “Travel: Boston Breweries!

  1. I’ve never been to Boston, but my fiancé and I love exploring breweries so I’ll have to keep this post in mind if we plan a trip to the east coast. There are a ton of great ones in Minneapolis that you guys will have to check out someday 🙂


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