Living Room Updates

The living room has had the most continuous changes made to it over the last year. Being the central space of the apartment and including the dining room means it sees a lot of action. We’ve addressed several aspects of the space that weren’t working for us by building a media console, building a dining room table and bench, adding a bar, and simple decorating. Up until recently, we felt we’d hit a wall with what we could do with the space. Rearranging furniture would cut off the flow of the apartment and feel cramped, but we clearly needed more access to storage (typical rental life, right?). We decided to build up, and chose IVAR shelving units from Ikea, which are completely customizable. We opted for the tallest option (yay high ceilings!) and went with the larger depth shelves to get as much storage as possible. We also bought brackets and used leftover wood from other projects for some quick shelves above the TV and behind the couch. Here are the results!





We opted for a shelf as the bar rather than finding a bar cart. We have a wine rack too that will be attached to the bottom of the shelf above the bar, but it hasn’t been installed yet. It will certainly make that space a little less crowded!


shelf above the couch

I got this simple basket from the bathroom section at World Market for $12! The blanket on the couch is from West Elm. (Similar)


shelves above the tv

The custom-built TV console has wheels on the back so it can be moved out of the nook – it’s hiding extra storage behind it! The drawers came from the Randolph Street Market.

living room updates shelves

The shelves are still in transition. I’m on the hunt for more pieces to lengthen the space and I need to get some wedding photos printed. In the meantime I love my little houses from Rebuilding Exchange!

living room updates shelves

When that sun shines the space just feels so wonderfully cozy!

living room updates

Obviously we are now in need of a coffee table. Other things I’d like to do in the future are get a smaller side table for next to the wicker chair, and recover the cushions on the wicker chair with a fabric more suitable to the color scheme. It’s a work in progress, but we’re getting somewhere!

living room updates

What have you done to your living space to make it your own? Please share!

Lydia Jane

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6 thoughts on “Living Room Updates

  1. You’ve done such a great job making practical use of your space without sacrificing any bit of design whatsoever. It’s SO cute. It feels open without being bare or boring; cozy but not cramped. Extremely nice.


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