Valentine’s Day Ideas for People who Hate Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re in a relationship or not might not change the fact that you simply don’t enjoy Valentine’s Day. It’s understandable – why make a random day in February such a big deal when you should be either loving the person you’re with well every day or loving yourself and living well every day?

Valid points, but I will make a small case for Valentine’s Day. Although I totally agree that it’s a “hallmark holiday” and is only really in existence for companies to make money, it’s a good opportunity to make a point to spend some time with those you love in between holidays. Whether that means spending time with a significant other, a best friend, or your mom is up to you. Here’s some ideas that can help you take some time to tell those you love that you love them, sans heart-shaped chocolates and teddy bears.

Cook together

Even if this is something you do with the people you love on a regular basis, plan something extra special to cook that you don’t make often. Come up with a menu together, spend time selecting ingredients, and enjoy being in the kitchen. Talk, have some wine, and enjoy the evening!

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See a show or visit a museum

Maybe this is a more “typical” Valentine’s Day activity, but it’s a great way to get out of the house during these cold (at least in Chicago) months and see something new that’s not a movie. During winter, many museums in cities have “free days”. Find all of Chicago’s free days here.

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Volunteer together

Why spend a day being spoiled when you can do something that’ll benefit another person more? Pick something you both can get passionate about and spend a Saturday helping out somewhere. This website helps you find volunteer opportunities near you based on what you really care about.

Take a class

I know I’ve brought this up before, but these things are so much fun and easy to find on Groupon or TravelZoo. Cooking class, painting class, wine tasting, whatever! Learn something new that you can do together again another time as well!

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Are you having a low key or alternative type of Valentine’s Day? What are you doing?

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16 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Ideas for People who Hate Valentine’s Day

  1. These are all great ideas! I love doing something with my dad on Valentine’s Day, regardless of whether I’m in a relationship when Valentine’s Day rolls around. It’s important to show the ones you love that you care and the gift of time is one of the most precious you can give!

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