Coffee Table Hunting

Most of the projects in the apartment are finished. We’ve made a dining room table, a bench, a TV console, tall shelving units and a headboard (keep an eye out for that post coming soon!) but we are now left with a large open space in the living room. On the one hand, I like having the space open. It makes it feel bigger and when we have people over for a movie it seems more inviting to sit on the floor with some pillows and blankets, but we know a coffee table would be a good idea. Not only for practical reasons (an easier place to set glasses or books) but to tie the room together and visually create a more cohesive living space.

living room updates

I haven’t decided if I want to design and build the coffee table yet or if I just want to select one and buy it ready-to-go, but I’ve been able to narrow down some of the features that it’s going to need, especially for our small space.

Slender legs. In a small space, having a coffee table that sits flat on the floor makes it feel heavy and drives all of the focus to the middle of the room. Getting a “leggy” table, means that people (even subconsciously) will spend more time looking up and around a room than down at the floor.

I adore this coffee table, but it needs that lofty space around it so that it becomes a focal point rather than a weight.

No fabric. As much as I love the texture of floor poofs and ottoman-style coffee tables, one in this space would compete too much for attention. With my already commanding rug and strong leather couch, I need balance with the material of the coffee table. I’m leaning towards wood to complement the other items in the room and keep the space warm.

I do love the dual-function and comfort this gives a room, but it works best with neutral floors and lighter color schemes than my living room.

Narrow. I need this table to be long and lean to keep the room opened up. Too wide of a coffee table will be just as heavy as one without any legs, and also tends to get filled with too much stuff!

Beautiful complement to the wooden ceiling, but my living room doesn’t have as much great natural light to keep it feeling open most of the day.

Mid-height. Again, this is a space thing. Too high of a coffee table means it’s competing with the dining room table and is limited in the kind of decor I can put on it since our TV console isn’t very tall either. A table that’s too low (even with slender legs), won’t give the airiness that keeps the space feeling open.

This is definitely closer to my color scheme, but would look too tall next to my dining room table

As you can see I need something very specific for my apartment and I’ve seen a number of tables that I really like, but haven’t been in my price point. Here’s a few that have caught my eye lately.

West Elm






What do you think? Is there something for your home that you’ve been hunting for? Let me know!

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19 thoughts on “Coffee Table Hunting

    1. I’m so with you- I love the rug. As for the coffee tables? I’m taking one of each. I can’t decide. You’ve got great taste! I can’t wait to see which one you end up choosing.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Great inspirational pics, all of them! I love the sphere for your space too. I have the IKEA one but I sprayed it gold and painted the panels to look like Carrera marble (check my blog if you dare- Copy cat Carrera). Super good value. Looking forward to what you pick!


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