5 Chicago Bakeries for Your Sweet Tooth

My sweet tooth is strong, and has been that way since I can remember. I always have room for dessert, and eating a chocolate croissant at 4 before dinner at 6 doesn’t even cross my mind as odd. That being said, I’ve definitely made a point of finding bakeries in Chicago to try. I’m not nearly finished with this list, but here’s a starter if you’re searching for a satisfying treat in Chicago.

Alliance Bakery

I love Alliance because unless you’re avidly searching for bakeries, you probably don’t even know it exists. It’s small and unassuming here in Wicker Park, but it’s producing some GREAT baked goods. It’s even one of the top places to get macarons in Chicago.

Alliance Bakery, Chicago

Bang Bang Pie

Where do I start with Bang Bang Pie Company? This place makes me consider moving to be CLOSER to it. Luckily, many other restaurants around the city offer up slices of Bang Bang’s pies on their menus. Some of my favorites include the chocolate pecan and their blueberry cobbler. On top of that, their biscuit sandwiches practically melt in your mouth and are the perfect amount of savory flavor. What more do I need to tell you?

Bang Bang Pie Company, Chicago

Stan’s Donuts

If you know me at all personally, you know that Stan’s is one of my favorite places. Ever. I’m a sucker for a good doughnut, and all of Stan’s are GOOD doughnuts. I always bring new people here or at least talk it up any chance I get. And no, Stan’s has never paid me to say any of these amazing things (not even in free doughnuts…I should look into that…) but I’ll still say it – BUY STAN’S IF YOU HAVE ANY INTEREST IN DOUGHNUTS AT ALL.

Aviary Photo_130819801137486471

Stan's Donuts Chicago

Stan's Donuts Chicago


Exquisite. I think that’s the best word to describe Floriole’s space and their food. Everything is tasty, beautiful, and expertly made. A Lincoln Park must for sure (which is why I featured it in my post about where to eat in Lincoln Park)

Floriole Lincoln Park, Chicago

Floriole Lincoln Park, Chicago

Hoosier Mama Pie

I’ll be honest, it took me WAY too long to finally try this place out. Now that I’ve remedied this problem, I will probably need to say goodbye to my wallet and any sort of diet I’ve ever attempted. Named #1 Best Pie in Chicago by TimeOut means this place rocks. And it does. They’ve only been around for 6 years, but these recipes taste like family heirlooms. Go for breakfast and try their quiche (below pictured is bacon and cheddar and a mushroom gruyere) then follow it up with any of their sweet pies. Those three below are Chocolate Chess, with a slice of Key Lime and a slice of Buttermilk in the back. Is your mouth watering or is it just mine?

chicago bakeries - hoosier mama

chicago bakeries - hoosier mama

chicago bakeries - hoosier mama

Been to a Chicago bakery that isn’t on here? Let me know and I will add it to my list of must-tries!

Lydia Jane

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