4 Ways to Deal With The Fear of Missing Out

If you spend any sort of time on social media, you may know this feeling of F.O.M.O, or the “fear of missing out”. It’s that feeling of looking at everyone’s pictures of their seemingly perfect lives and feeling that yours isn’t measuring up. In some ways, this is highly motivating for people and can help them be productive and creative, etc. At other times it can become destructive. Comparing yourself to other people is a natural human tendency, but it’s important to learn to step back, connect with who you are and know that your life is significant.

overcoming the fear of missing out

Here’s some ways I push away those negative comparisons!

Practice gratitude. Sounds simple, but besides Thanksgiving, how often do you make yourself do this? Write out a list of what you’re thankful for several times a year. Tell someone in your life that you’re so glad you know them. Tell yourself what you like about yourself regularly. It may feel strange at first, but eventually it becomes a habit and I bet you’ll be surprised with how many things you can keep coming up with.

Try something new. This is when those possibly negative and comparing images on social media can be turned around. See something that really inspires you? Try it! Embrace a challenge, do something different. Even small things like trying new recipes can be exciting!

overcoming the fear of missing out

Unplug. One I struggle with frequently, but is so important and refreshing is taking time AWAY from a screen. Of any kind. No phone, no laptop, no TV, etc. Even if it’s just for the 2 hours you’re out to dinner with a loved one, it makes a DIFFERENCE.

Spend quality time with loved ones face-to-face. On the note of unplugging, this is equally important. How many times have you been with a group of friends, looked around and realized almost all of you are on your phones? Kind of sad, right? There’s plenty of articles about this topic, so I’ll just say this: do you really want all your memories with your friends to be “remember all those times we watched a bunch of YouTube videos and looked at pictures of cats?”. Enjoy who you’re with, when you’re with them.

overcoming the fear of missing out
Quote by Natalie Stone from her Darling Magazine Article “Loving Your Life: Why Embracing the Journey is the Way to a Happy Career(s)”, calligraphy by me.

I love the above quote. It acknowledges that it’s great to want good things for your life, but we need to channel that into making the most of opportunities and understanding, even welcoming, the challenges. Desire goodness, not fantasies.

As a blogger, I feel affected by F.O.M.O. constantly. Not only do I catch myself comparing my life to others, I’ve caught myself comparing my stats to other bloggers as well. On the flip, I have probably contributed to others’ F.O.M.O. with my Instagram pictures. Navigating the real/raw/human side of blogging while also being marketable is a struggle. That’s why I wanted to talk about this, to let you know that I think about it. Often. My goal is to daily dissolve my own feelings of self-doubt while also motivating you in a tangible way. My hope is that my blog inspires you to try something new and feel awesome about doing so! You need to know that nobody else’s life should decide whether yours is “good enough”.

Have you struggled with comparing your life to others? What has helped you detach from that and embrace the journey you’re on?

Lydia Jane


A truly wonderful magazine that I think does an amazing job both inspiring and encouraging women to be their very best is Darling Magazine. Take a read when you get a chance.

To do more reading on F.O.M.O., check out this article from Forbes


20 thoughts on “4 Ways to Deal With The Fear of Missing Out

  1. My FOMO always occurs when I stay at home instead of doing something with loved ones. I try to be as active as possible.


  2. Yes about unplugging — I don’t do that often enough, but when I do, I find it makes the most tremendous difference in my mindset. – Trish R.


  3. Such a great post! I definitely struggle with FOMO more when I get stuck in a “check social media for hourssss a day” rut. I try to get out and do the things that make me happy as often as possible to combat it. Also, is that 5411 Empanadas? 😀


  4. Yesss! Brilliant post. It’s hard to maintain perspective. We think we’re missing out because someone else looks like they have the perfect life on Facebook, but we don’t get to see what’s really going on behind the scenes. Everyone has skeletons in their closet but we pick and choose what to share with our friends so we’re only showing each other the best versions of ourselves. I think it’s proof that social media can never truly take the place of good, old-fashioned face-to-face communication!


    1. It’s so easy to over pack your schedule to avoid feeling like you’re missing out, but then you get so exhausted and can’t fully enjoy each thing! It’s a balance – sometimes when I feel bad about not going I have to think “this is not the only opportunity, there will be more!”


  5. Wonderful post! Fear of missing out is definitely a real thing. I like the abbreviation for it. I definitely have it especially when looking through instagram or Facebook and snapchat- sometimes makes me want to get rid of social media if it wasn’t for my blog and businesses. I’ve been trying to work on not being so affected by it so its a work in progress! Love that quote by the way!


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