Spring Decor Wishlist

I’m very glad to say that most of the big purchases my husband and I need to make for our apartment are done. We’ve created or bought furniture for almost every spot needed, (here, here, here, and here), so it’s just tweaking at this point. That doesn’t mean we’re done, but it does mean we can take our time with the last bits we want to change. Spring gets me thinking about making a space feel fresh again. When I get into the spring cleaning spirit – the process of donating items, cleaning out closets, and reorganizing – I start dreaming about other things I’d want to bring into the house or do differently. Here’s what I’ve been dreaming about.

Coffee Table – as you know, I’ve been on the hunt for one of these for a while now. And now I’ve decided I’m on the hunt for 2 tables to be next to each other or move out of the way when more company comes. My hope is that I can score these on Craigslist thanks to someone else’s spring cleaning! In the meantime, I’ll just drool over these (out of my price range) ones.


Wall hanging – I’m lucky to have been a maker and a collector of artwork for a number of years now, so I have enough pieces of art to hang on pretty much every blank surface in the apartment. However, with that large collection comes the selective process of what goes where, what fits with our space now, and what needs to be saved for later. We’ve had one huge blank wall in our bedroom since we moved in, and I think I’ve settled on the need to add some texture to that space. I’ve been looking at these beautiful macrame hangings lately, and I’m thinking I’ll attempt to make my own this summer (since the big ones can get really pricy). If I can’t make one or I decide to go with a little less texture, I’ll be searching for a flat woven rug or a textured fabric to hang instead. Whatever I find, I’ll let you know!


Plants – may seem silly, but I think one of the best ways for your home to feel fresh again is to bring some nature inside! However, my luck with plants around the house has not been the best… I have one small plant I randomly bought from Home Depot that I’ve managed to keep alive for the whole winter now (truly a miracle), but I’d like to up the ante in the coming months. I’ve got to do some research and make sure I don’t over or under care for whatever I get, but I’d love some more greenery!


Other possible spring/summer projects include: 

  • Painting/recovering the white wicker chair next to our couch
  • Finding a more suitably sized side table for next to the wicker chair
  • Painting one of the rooms in the apartment??

What are you doing for spring cleaning? Anything on your wish list?

Lydia Jane


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17 thoughts on “Spring Decor Wishlist

  1. Ugh. I feel your pain. Once you’ve got the big stuff out of the way it can be hard to keep track of all of those little details in order to pull a room together. You can do it! You’ve got great taste. Can’t wait to see what you decide to do with the space!


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