5 Books You Should Have in Your Kitchen

I really love browsing through cookbooks and recipes and all that other good house stuff, but the options are endless sometimes – how do you know which ones you’ll want to keep for years? Here’s just a handful that I’ve been loving!

books to have in your kitchen

Baking Illustrated – From Cooks Illustrated

I LOVE this book. I use it all the time, for pie, cookies, bread, anything. I haven’t tried a recipe that didn’t turn out well, and I love that it has picture instructions for the different techniques. There’s even a section that helps explain common mistakes people make and how to fix them, like making fluffy banana bread instead of dense!

Baking Illustrated

The Food Lab – J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

This was actually a choice by my husband – he doesn’t enjoy using recipes very much and more just relies on taste and smell to cook something (which luckily for him works out most of the time), but this book dives into the science behind the cooking process and uses that to explain how you can make the best food, no matter what your taste. Don’t be scared of the “science” though, Kenji writes in such a relatable and funny way that you’ll be cracking up and hungry!

The Food Lab

The Food Lab

The Curious Bartender – Tristan Stephenson

We received this as a wedding present, and although we don’t pull it out all the time, it came in handy for our create-your-own cocktail party! It gives the recipes but also explains techniques so you can try your own cocktails.

the curious bartender

The Curious Bartender

Dinner: A Love Story – Jenny Rosenstarch

This one not only has some delicious recipes in it, it’s a great one to keep for years and years. Each section centers around a different stage of the author’s life, when she was making dinner with just her and her husband, entertaining friends, to when their kids were young and she had to figure out healthy meals for picky eaters! It will be fun to revisit new sections of the cookbook.

Dinner a love story

Household Skills and Tips – From Expert Companions

This isn’t a cookbook, but it does include tips for storing types of food and some basic pantry needs. It also is just a very handy tool. I learned how to fold a fitted sheet from it!

Household Skills and Tips

What are some of your favorite cookbooks or helpful books in your kitchen?

Lydia Jane

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13 thoughts on “5 Books You Should Have in Your Kitchen

    1. 🙂 I don’t consider myself to be a great cook and I can say they’ve greatly helped me! Especially that Food Lab one – it’s hefty, but it has proven itself useful time and time again!


  1. That cocktails book looks like lots of fun! I’ve considered myself a non-drinker in the past, but these kids of mine are driving me to it lol! Also, the dinner love story would be good to check out for healthy food recipes. Thanks for the list!


  2. I love the Food Lab cookbook, it was my Christmas present to myself! Loving reading all of your posts and look forward to following! Another recent favorite of mine has been Food That Works, by Malia Dell. She gives weekly meal ideas (in a very readable style) that have similar ingredients to simplify weekly shopping. Thanks for sharing! –Deb


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