I’m Becoming a Plant Lady

Maybe this is just a natural transformation that has been sped up by living in a big city without any type of yard, porch, patio, etc. but I’m definitely thinking I’m at a the turning point to becoming a “plant lady”. While my husband is glad it’s not a cat lady (not allowed in our apartment anyway), he’s still a bit hesitant of my new love for greenery. That’s not to say he isn’t supportive of my ideas, he just knows that I don’t exactly have a green thumb…

I successfully cared for three herbs last summer – basil, rosemary, and oregano – but they all failed eventually. I lost the basil to aphids, and the rosemary and oregano just sort of gave up. I tried doing research on how to save them, but it was too late.

Aviary Photo_130751664384357458

Next I tried my hand at a succulent – I figured those were almost impossible to mess up. However, my little plant was over-cared for (touchy) and ended up getting so tall that it couldn’t hold itself up anymore!

Aviary Photo_130755195072923213

However, I think I’m getting the hang of things. I successfully cared for this little guy I found in the indoor/easy care plant section of Home Depot all the way through the winter and it’s GROWING!

spring cleaning motivation

So I got a little more confident and purchased this one from Lowe’s – also indoor, low light, easy care, etc. and I’m proud to say it’s going strong.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I even recently got this little cactus from the Garfield Park Conservatory (also mentioned in this post!). I swear, if I manage to kill a cactus, I won’t buy any more plants (maybe).

becoming a plant lady

But I’ll tell ya, I’m kind of on a confidence boost and dreaming of bigger greens. I mentioned this in my Spring Decor Wishlist, but it’s gotten stronger (or worse, according to the hubs). Here’s what’s been inspiring me lately!

Love this with all the neutrals and wood! (Via Front & Main)
If I had a patio…. (via Apartment Therapy)
How calming would a mini-tree be in your office? (Via Belathee Photography)
Love the plant stands, the planters, everything! (Via The Every Girl)

Anyone else out there in a plant craze? How have your green thumb adventures been going, I always need tips! You can also follow me on Pinterest to be inspired more!

Lydia Jane

From this post:

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7 thoughts on “I’m Becoming a Plant Lady

  1. I love being surrounded by plants in my home! When I moved to Chicago from Florida last year, I was worried that all of my plants would hate the transition. Thankfully, my apartment has big windows, so the plants are right on the windowsill and are happy! I only lost two casualties 😦 but the rest have stayed green throughout the winter!


  2. Looks so classy! I tried herbs, but found that the way my building was positioned they just didn’t get enough sun. I wonder if that was the problem with your rosemary and oregano? Those were the two that died on me.


    1. That’s very possible. City apartments aren’t known for getting tons of natural light. They were in the sunniest spot possible, but I think when the summer was over it just wasn’t enough.


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