The Double Duty Coffee Table

A while ago (ok, quite a while) I wrote a post about how we were looking for a coffee table to fit our space. Since then I’ve gone back and forth about the best option. For a while I thought we absolutely needed a low profile rectangle, then I switched to the idea of 2 small square tables I could easily move around. For a majority of the time I thought just no coffee table would be best! At some point, both my husband and I came back around to the idea of a coffee table, and I think we’ve picked a mighty good one.

The table: 

Image via: West Elm

Why we like it:

There are several reasons, but the main one is because it’s both beautiful and functional in our space.


It opens up to reveal a storage area inside and simultaneously turns itself into a desk or dining room table, which is great for pizza and movie nights in.


Storage keeps our living room clear of extra clutter and hides ugly things like game controllers.

It’s a large table, but the open bottom keeps it from feeling like it takes up the whole room, and the large surface makes it much easier to spread out a board game when friends are over.


I liked not having a coffee table because it made our small space feel large, but I’m glad we’ve found a table that makes the space feel inviting rather than closed off! It really does put the whole room together!

How have you dealt with a coffee table in a small living room?

Lydia Jane

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