5 Places to Eat in Brussels

Brussels is an old city, it’s the headquarters of the EU, and it’s worth a visit! But first? What will you eat? Luckily, in a city that loves sweets, frites, and hearty traditions, you’ve got some great options.

Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini is a chocolate shop, but it’s biggest success are the macarons. Trust me. I thought I’ve had good macarons, and then I tried these. Soft, subtle flavors and they melt in your mouth.

Try: pistachio and rose

Pierre Marcolini, Brussels, Belgium

Pierre Marcolini, Brussels, Belgium

Cafe Georgette

You really can’t mess up Belgian frites, so most places you just come across in Brussels will be tasty, but if you want some amazing frite sauce? Georgette’s. The truffle sauce in particular. I don’t think I have to say anything else.

Try: the truffle sauce

Cafe Georgette, Brussels, Belgium


Easily my favorite place we ate at during our stay in Brussels. Mokafe opens very early in the morning, and I recommend going there as soon as possible so that you can sit in a quiet Galeries de St. Hubert. Once the rest of the stores open up and it gets filled it will be noisy and more difficult to find a seat! However, Mokafe serves lunch, dinner, and baked goods as well, so we also went for a dinner a different night!

Try: the Belgian meatballs (yes, really, just meatballs), and their sugar waffles

Mokafe, Brussels, Belgium

Mokafe, Brussels, Belgium
Breakfast at Mokafe
Mokafe, Brussels, Belgium
Dinner at Mokafe

Coco – the donut shop

Not feeling tiny chocolates or sophisticated pastries? Come here for a huge donut and a reminder of home (at least if you’re from the States). Hearty, filling, and baked fresh.

Try: the white chocolate pistachio

Coco Donut Shop, Brussels, Belgium

Coco Donut Shop, Brussels, Belgium

Chez Leon

A casual and often recommended restaurant by tourists and locals, Chez Leon has a huge menu and are known for their mussels along with other seafood. I say, when in Brussels, go with mussels. And of course, frites!

Try: mussels by weight, with frites

Chez Leon, Brussels, Belgium

Any others in Brussels you’d recommend?

Chocolate shops are coming up next!

Lydia Jane

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17 thoughts on “5 Places to Eat in Brussels

  1. Brussels is on my list to visit so will definitely have to remember this! I was in the Netherlands earlier this year and died over how good the frites are! I didn’t try any truffle sauce with them though, so that’ll be a definite for my Brussels list 🙂


    1. Where in the Netherlands did you go? I have a series of Amsterdam posts coming up after these Brussels ones! And yeah, fries in Europe are all just so good. I think it’s the oil they use!


  2. […] 5. Avoid the tourist traps. Brussels has wonderful chocolatiers, and they’re not the ones who have 10 locations within a mile radius… On a different note, be a bit cautious of the restaurants with the men outside offering you a “beautiful table” and serving every kind of food imaginable. They’ll overcharge you and the food just won’t be as good. Ask a local or explore some less touristy areas. For food places I do recommend, click here. […]


    1. You’ll be able to see all the big stuff for sure – that’s the nice thing about Brussels, just make sure you hit up some of the chocolate shops from my other post! It’ll change your life! Have fun!


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