Sit Down and Eat in Amsterdam!

The Last Crumb (De laatste Kruimel)

A delightful little bakery that’ll remind you of Grandma’s. Delicious quiche and fresh juice, plus all the pastries and pies you can imagine. Sit out back on the itty bitty terrace for a canal view.

The Last Crumb, De Laatste Kruimel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Broodje Bert

A lot of food for a small price – Broodje Bert is a busy lunch stop for locals and tourists alike. Their open face pesto tomato sandwich was exactly what I needed after a 3 hour walking tour of the city. It may be busy, so grab a spot when you can!

Broodje Bert, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Broodje Bert, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cafe de Klos

No frills tavern that serves barbecue! Not quite like the down-south style Americans practically worship, but definitely delicious, and they make it all in house. Servers are straightforward and friendly, and have some great recommendations if you’re looking for anything particular in the city.

Cafe de Klos, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cafe de Klos, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Koffiehuis de Hoek

Three words: Dutch Apple Pie. Get a slice here. And while you’re at it, have some brunch as well. Quaint, small, and right in the 8 streets shopping district, this was a wonderful little gem that we stumbled upon!

Koffiehuis de Hoek, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Koffiehuis de Hoek, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Restaurant Blauw

If you’re in Amsterdam, you have to eat some Indonesian food. Specifically a rijsttafel (rice table). Think of it as Indonesian family style tapas. You get to try a little bit of everything! Restaurant Blauw was very well done and the vibe is romantic, perfect for a date night!

Restaurant Blauw, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Anywhere else in Amsterdam you ate and LOVED? Share!

Lydia Jane

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