6 Chicago Restaurants Worth Frequenting

Chicago is a great place to explore and try new things, but when you live here, you want at least a few places you can rely on when you’re not feeling as adventurous or you’re taking some out-of-towners to! Here’s a (small) list of my favorites that get revisited again and again.

Pub Royale

Pub Royale Chicago

Pub Royale Chicago

Easily one of my favorite places in Chicago. Their Indian food has a British flair to it, so it feels like a great blend of tradition and modernity. I almost always get butter paneer, but the tikka wrap, gobi, and garlic naan are also favorites. Plus their cocktail cups are delicious and made fresh.

The Smoke Daddy

Barbecue, beer, and live music. A fun place to hang out, get some pulled pork or ribs, and hear some blues. It might not be Buddy Guy’s place, but it’s a great option for some tasty comfort food.

Cindy’s Rooftop

Cindy's Rooftop Chicago

Cindy's Rooftop Chicago

Cindy's Rooftop Chicago

I normally avoid downtown restaurants and bars because, well, tourists kind of bug me. (I’ve lived here long enough now that I can say that). BUT Cindy’s is such a fun place, and is often full of a nice mix of tourists and locals. I recommend making a reservation so you don’t have to wait in line, and it is a bit higher priced than others on this list, so it makes a great drinks and apps only evening with friends. My current favorites are the Western Cape (cocktail) and the charcuterie and burrata appetizers.

Piece Brewery and Pizzeria

Hands down best pizza in Chicago. And no, it’s not deep dish. Throw in some amazing beer and the occasional late night karaoke session and Piece is a winner. It’s a go-to for delivery for us AND a place we take friends from out of town.

Furious Spoon


Ramen. What else do I need to say? No, but seriously, this place rocks. Oh, they have a beef brisket bowl that’s AH-mazing as well. There’s a few locations around the city, for your convenience 🙂

Sticky Rice

Think of the best, tiny, “hole-in-the-wall” thai place you’ve been to, then forget it. Sticky Rice is better. BYOB and their curries are heaven. We have friends that ask specifically to come here again whenever they visit!

To visit some of my favorite breweries, bakeries, and breakfast specific faves, check these out!

Places I missed or should try? What are your Chicago favorites?

Lydia Jane

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